Why Evolopers?

In this video, we briefly explained what our main advantages are, why it is beneficial for business and what are the main differences from freelance programmers.

How it works and other questions

Our idea is simple, to provide small and medium-sized businesses with access to a team of developers who will responsibly and professionally support their current projects. Websites, online services, mobile applications, administration of your servers will all be our responsibility, not yours. You purchase a monthly subscription to our services and get the option to use the basic service package at any time during the subscription period, either once or gradually, as you choose.

Programming Languages

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Python


Backend Technologies

  • Frameworks: Laravel, Symfony, Yii, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Phalcon, Slim Framework, FuelPHP, PHPPixie, Express.js and many others.


  • CMS: WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla, SilverStripe, Typo3, PrestaShop, ExpressionEngine, CakePHP, ModX, Concrete5, PHP Fusion, CMS Made Simple, Moodle and many others.


Frontend Technologies:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Frameworks: React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Svelte, Ember.js, Next.js, Express.js, Meteor.js, Nest.js, Aurelia and many others.



Servers administration:

  • Installing softwares, Server Migration
  • 24*7 automatic monitoring
  • Tuning of Servers and software
  • Upgrading software, Control Panel upgrades
  • Configuration changes, Security settings
  • Log files interpretation, Server Reports
  • Installing/Updating firewalls
  • Installing SSL certificates, dealing with DNS/Mail issues
  • Backup setup ( local & remote )

Basically, all subscriptions include our support at any time during the month, if suddenly your site or service stopped working, if it suddenly started to work slowly, with errors or something else - we will instantly deal with the problem and solve it in the shortest possible time.


In a word, we keep the technical part of your project under full control. 


You also always have the option to order additions, corrections or improvements to your project, which we can make during the hours allocated for your project. You can always order additional hours at a discount if you have big plans for the month and have more tasks than your current plan can cover.

1. You describe the task to us using messenger, online chat or create a ticket in the user account.


2. We request access to your project (ftp, server or source code of the project itself).


3. We fulfill your task, if there are any questions, we coordinate everything with you.


4. After that, you can close access to the project (change the ftp or server password) or leave us access on a permanent basis, if tasks for this project appear regularly, or it is more convenient for you, or for immediate problem solving, if our monitoring showed a crash in your projects and we need to get into your project to check the logs and status of all project critical components.


5. After the work is completed, the number of hours spent on the task will be deducted from your package.



Important: all our developers are physically located in our office, work with your projects takes place through a secure local network in our office, and in addition, we keep full video recording of work with your project.


We take the security of your business and our reputation very seriously. We will never outsource work on your project with confidential data to a third party that we do not know personally or that is outside of our control.

It's very simple, there are two options:


1. You can contact us in any of the ways presented on the Contact page, describe your current projects and tasks - we will confirm that all your requests are within our competence, and you can choose the subscription that suits you best.


2. The easiest, if you see that the technologies that your project uses are presented in the list of technologies that we support, and you immediately understand which subscription package is right for you - you can immediately buy a subscription and contact us as soon as you will need this.

We're Offering

You can choose standard packages that suit most users. But if you have any custom requirements, don't hesitate to contact us and we will try to find the best option for you!

Base package

$ 495.00/m

  • 10 hours of work by programmers on your tasks are included during the month ( $40 per additional hour )
  • Full-stack developers team
  • Personal manager
  • 24x7 projects monitoring

Advanced package

$ 995.00/m

  • 25 hours of work by programmers on your tasks are included during the month ( $30 per additional hour )
  • Full-stack developers team
  • Personal manager
  • 24x7 projects monitoring